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WC67Y 125/3200

WC67Y 125/3200 Hydraulic press brake


- Steel structure to give rigidity and stability, consolidated with special treatment against vibrations and temperature changes.
- Anti-torsion bar.
- Integrated hydraulic transmission system, equipped with several tanks.
- Electrically adjustable rear stop with fine adjustment and digital display.
- Mechanical adjustment of the tranche independently of the cylinder to allow the superior closing.
- System of descending work of fixed table and mobile upper trancha.
- Motorized penetration stop with Numeric Control that controls the 2 preselector stops of the rear stop and the vertical penetration stop with 99 programs and 20 cycles in each program.
- Top with sliding fingers on high precision skates.
- Bimanual control, with emergency stop.
- Gooseneck on all models.









3300x1460x2450 mm (7300 Kg)

Standard packaging

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Folding force125 Tn

Folding length3200 mm

Distance between studs2550 mm

Swan neck320 mm

Carrera130 mm

Descent speed80 mm / sec

Working speed8 mm / sec

Speed return60 mm / sec

Board table distance380 mm / sec

Motor10.00 Hp

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